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HYCRACK - log splitter for farmers, estates and smallholders
HyCrack log splitters

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View video of Log-Splitter in actionHy-Crack screw type log-splitter

HyCrack Log Splitter

HyCrack Log Splitter

HyCrack tip - knotty oak split with no problem

Large oak rounds ready for splitting

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Hy-Crack log splitter

Log splitter video - HyCrack in operation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Suitable tractorAlthough we’ve got a suitable tractor, I’ve been told to get a hydraulic splitter. Why should I buy a Hycrack?

That’s easy!
Cost – the robust Hycrack is cheaper than many hydraulic versions.
Durability – we know many Hycracks that are over 20 years old and still working fine.
– the splitting ability and output for of a Hycrack beats hydraulic models hands down.

Which modelWhich model do I need?

Most people opt for the HC1X. That will cope with the needs of smallholders, contractors and farmers.
Opt for the HC2X if you are a firewood merchant or it’s for a large farm or estate.

Compact tractorCan I run a Hycrack from my ride-on garden or compact tractor?

Providing the tractor has a PTO drive and 3-point linkage you can fit a Hycrack. We recommend 20-25hp but know of many running on smaller 'garden' sized or compact machines. Recently we have sold a number to owners of Kubota small compact tractors. Just be sensible on log sizes.

British madeAre these machines imported?

Certainly not! Hycracks are British made, robust and fit for purpose. They will last a lifetime if used properly and with simple maintenance. Over the last 25 years, some 5000 Hycrack log splitters have been sold.

Log SplitterWhat wood can I split?
A Hycrack log splitter will happily split all firewoods such as ash, oak, beech and birch. Also, knotty or twisted pieces that a hydraulic splitter or axe cannot cope with are no problem to a Hycrack.

Large logsWhat size logs can a Hycrack split?

We say as a general rule that the HC1X can split logs to a max of 24” long x 30” (60cm x 75cm) while the HC2X can split logs up to 40” long x 40” (1m x 1m).

Hy CrackDoes a Hycrack need one or two people to operate?

One person can comfortably split logs on a Hycrack all day, but it is helpful to have an assistant (in my case that’s my wife!) who can be around for safety’s sake and can stack too. They are very efficient – and so is the Hycrack!

How to buyIf I order a machine, how quickly can I get it?

Hycracks are ex-stock and are despatched on a 2/3 day carrier. Next day delivery can be arranged and we also deliver to the remoter parts of the UK and Europe on request.

Splitting logsI am ready to order a Hycrack, how can I pay?

You can post us a Cheque (with a downloaded order form if preferred) or you can order by telephone and pay by Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit Card.
Ordering your HyCrack Log Splitter.

Hy Crack deliveryCan I collect a machine and save the carriage charge?

Certainly, we are based near Sevenoaks, Kent close-by to the M20 and M25. Hycrack log splitters are palletised and wrapped for despatch and can be collected during normal working hours. Collect in a van, a large estate car or on a trailer.

HyCrack replacement tipThe Tip on my machine is worn or damaged – can I replace it?

Yes, no problem – new hardened tips are available ex-stock and can be replaced following our simple instructions.

Spare partsAre spares easily available then?

Again, no problem. We pride ourselves on our after-sales service. Usually a tip is the only spare that’s ever needed if it gets too worn or damaged but shear pins, shafts, bearings and cones are all ex-stock if necessary, but seldom required! Mind you I have heard of a Hycrack being run over by a Teleporter... but I’m not telling whether it was Mr or Mrs at the wheel...
HyCrack Log Splitter spare parts.

Log splitter safetyWhat about safety?

As with all moving machinery there is potential danger and we stress that you should thoroughly read the Manual supplied with the machine before operation.

The design of the Hycrack embodies certain safety features and when used in accordance with these instructions complies with current Health and Safety requirements. Please read the Manual! – it contains detailed instructions and advice for the safe mounting and operation of your Hycrack, the PTO shaft, as well as guidance on personal protection equipment and safe working practises.

A cord is provided to attach to the stop lever on the tractor fuel pump or the cab stop control. Where the stop control is key operated and there is no additional manual stop system to enable effective use of the cord, consult the tractor supplier or manufacturer for advice on wiring in a locking push button Emergency Stop switch to be positioned on the guard rail.

Video demonstrationCan I see a HyCrack in action?
Due to popular demand we've just added some videos showing an 'Old Grey Fergie' tractor splitting some large oak rounds. View HyCrack video.

Sevenoaks, Kent - HYCRACK

HY-CRACK screw type log splitter