HY-CRACK log-splitter  -  the screw type log-splitter of choice for Contractors, Estates, Farmers & Log Merchants   -   PTO powered log splitter

HYCRACK - log splitter for contactors and farmers
HY-CRACK - Tractor driven (PTO) Log-splitter

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View video of Log-Splitter in actionHy-Crack screw type log-splitter

HyCrack Log Splitter

HyCrack Log Splitter

HyCrack tip - knotty oak split with no problem
Hy-Crack log splitter




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HyCrack in France

Welcome to our HYCRACK screw type log-splitter website.

HYCRACK log-splitters have in the last 25 years established themselves as the log splitter of choice for Contractors, Firewood and Log Merchants, Estates, Farmers and Smallholders.

Whilst this specialist market remains as strong as ever; the ease of use and efficiency of the Hycrack is beginning to capture the attention of country house and landowners with access to a tractor – from 25hp compact or classic upwards - who have the desire to use wood as a source of renewable energy and sustainable heating.

The Hycrack is also a well proven tractor accessory which will maximise the use of a yard, vintage or farm tractor. Why buy in split logs and kindling for burning when you can safely and efficiently produce your own. We all know how tiring it is to split logs by hand – and the ram type can be costly and slow.

With a Hycrack, split for an hour and burn for a week or maybe more!

The range of HYCRACK models - all British made - offers a dependable and efficient solution to all users. PTO driven and three point linkage mounted, the HYCRACK splits most logs with ease, including those that are that are too large, knotty or misshapen for other machines. At the other end of the scale - even the largest model is still able to split your kindling!

Oak, elm, chestnut, ash, apple or beech wood - all no problem to a HYCRACK!
See our firewood tips and recommendations.

Why choose a HYCRACK - the log splitter with a difference

FASTER - continuous splitting action - makes other log splitters seem slow and cumbersome

SAFER - excellent safety record - simple to operate – one push on the log and the HYCRACK does the rest - less operator fatigue

EASIER - large platform can be raised and lowered for optimum working height

CHEAPER - one man operation and high output equates to cost savings

QUALITY - British made and built to last - minimal wear parts - backed up by a reliable after-sales service. Simple, straightforward and strong

TRIED AND TESTED - over 25 years in the marketplace - The output from a HYCRACK has to be seen to be believed


Which HYCRACK is right for your needs?
To specify the right model - with approximate size guide - check out our 'hycrack' page.




Hycrack model range

HC1X Logs up to 60cm (24") long x 75cm (30") diameter.
85cm wide platform.

as above but with 125cm platform.

Logs up to 1m (40") long x 1m (40") diameter.
125cm platform.

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Spare parts

Replacement Tips
Drive Shafts
Screw Cone
PTO Shaft
PTO Adaptor

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We always have interest, enquiries and orders from France and so have now made this page available for our many French colleagues and prospective customers:
HyCrack in France

Using a pickup to deliver logs or chips?

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HyCrack for Safe and Efficient log splitting

HY-CRACK screw type log splitter